Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Smokes!!

Well hello everyone....boy do I have some catching up to do!!!!
First of all I was sent a Beautiful Blogger Award from my dearest friend Melanie Holtz!!!
Thank you soooo much Melanie!! As part of accepting this award I am required to share some info about myself so here it is:

So now 10 things about myself you might not know:

1- I trained at Lambton College and after 3years became a Registered Massage Therapist, which I had to give up about 15 months ago and pursue a new career.......Aesthetics! Yay!

2-My mother died suddenly nearly 5 years ago but my mother-in-law is, personality-wise, pretty much like my mom's twin from another mother.....I've always thought that was cool!! Love you Dolores!!!!

3-I am Diabetic and have recently started using an Insulin pump- pretty cool contraptions!!

4-I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 5 years ago ( we still are not sure who is responsible for my super crappy immune system! ;))

5-I will be celebrating my 4th Anniversary to my hubby Nathan, on Canada Day!!(still no babies)

6-If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a chef like Rachel Ray(my fav) or Anna Olson!!

7-I would love to go to Ireland and The Netherlands some day to experience my heritage!

8-My husband said we are going to have 2 babies- a boy then a girl-so the boy can look after his little sister and there is the option of twins as long as the boy comes out first!! This is just a little insight into my life and my spouse!! :)

9-I have always wanted either a Lion cub or Siberian Tiger cub as a pet.....I think I could tame it! FYI, I am a huge animal lover-especially kitties

10-My family and friends take priority over everything- I cherish them all dearly!!

Well there you have it....who's next!!

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